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About Us

Conduce is the operational intelligence platform for your supply chain. Conduce sits at the top of your technology stack as the universal user interface for all your disparate systems.

Give regional managers views of multiple sites and allow them to share best practices.
Combine live data sources and all legacy tools into one browser-based interface.
Gain insight and take action using deep links into existing tools and API calls.
Conduce Warehouse
Digital Twin

We create a digital twin of your warehouse, bringing in all of your existing management tools. We combine them in one interface with location data showing your operators and MHEs – all in real time. Reap the benefits that digitalization brings to all levels of your enterprise.

Business Outcomes
With Conduce Warehouse, expect to see decreased operational costs, increased efficiencies, and better business outcomes.

Improve Asset Utilization

MHE fleets remain one of the biggest costs in running every warehouse. Conduce enables operations to navigate seasonality and demand volatility by right-sizing the fleet – both by # and type.

Reduce Distance Traveled

Failure to streamline operations leads to overly distributed inventory and increased operator travel distance and time required to complete tasks. Conduce’s patent-protected technology triggers condition-based inventory placement and optimizes warehouse layout.

Productivity Improvements

KPIs – whether picks per hour or time to move product from inbound to outbound – drive a warehouse’s operational cadence and behavior. Conduce integrates disparate applications to provide a unified view of site operations and increase operator productivity.

Increase Safety

Safety, safety, safety. Operators deserve to work in a safe and secure environment. Conduce technology can help you spot bottlenecks in traffic patterns, identify problem areas and provide helpful cues to use in training to improve on-the-job safety.

Conduce Control Tower

News: DHL Smart Warehouse

Conduce has been working with DHL Supply Chain on its Smart Warehouse initiative since 2016. Currently Conduce operates live pilots in the UK, The Netherlands, Poland and Japan. Conduce has a pipeline of projects across DPDHL's other divisions. We are privileged to be working with this leader in the 3PL space.


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Our Team
Chris Harper
Prior to co-founding Conduce, Chris managed IT technology partnerships and adjacent markets for Boeing’s Enterprise Technology
Lavinder Liddar
You can take the kid out of the Midwest but you can't take the Midwest out of the kid. After graduating from the University of
Michael Troughton
Michael brings a wealth of start-up and product experience to Conduce. He founded the first crowdfunding site in the UK in
Robyn Morris
Robyn is a Controller with operational experience at a variety of development stage companies. Born in San Diego, she studied
Kevin Van Leer
Kevin is a Computer Engineer with a passion for building products that enable users to solve tough problems. At Boeing, he spent
Mike Sullivan
Mike loves uncovering and solving problems. He is a software engineer with experience creating innovative products and making teams
John Maschmeyer
John has over 15 years of software development experience. He has experience across a wide variety of tools and technologies and is
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Matt Brenneke
Matt has nearly 20 years of software development experience. He's work on a wide variety of platforms from small embedded systems,
Elliott Wobler
Elliott is a software engineer with a background in creative technologies for data exploration. He joined Conduce to help manifest